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A Greenwood Quilt Memorial

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Do I need to know how to quilt?

No! We’re going to teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish through the duration of this project. If there’s something specific you want to learn, check out the schedule for what we’ll be talking about at each meeting!

Do I need to know how to SEW?

We recommend being able to thread your machine or, if you’re sewing by hand, know how to do a running stitch! If you need help with your machine, you can watch this video or reach out to us. You can also find manuals for most sewing machines through a quick google search!

There will also be experienced quilters and sewists at each of our meetings, so if you’re having an issue or need help, just come! We’ll probably be able to figure it out together.

what do i need to bring?

Bring what you need to sew! We will have some donated fabric available for your use, but if you want anything specific, bring it, or get in touch with us. We may also have some notions available, but if you can, plan to bring at least a machine and thread!

what if i don't have a sewing machine?

That’s okay! We are working to figure out how to get a few machines to share. If you’d like to donate one, please reach out!

You can always sew by hand with a needle and thread, or work with a partner who has a sewing machine!

What’s going to happen to the quilts at the end of this project?

Quilting groups will get to decide what they want to do with their quilts, and quilts made from blocks that are sent in will be raffled off to raise money for Justice for Greenwood. We’ll discuss options for quilts together as we get closer to the end of the project. If you have a quilt already made that you’d like to have be a part of this project, please reach out!

Do i have to come to every meeting?

No! The most important thing will be getting connected to a quilt group, and you will communicate with your group about the quilt(s) you are working on together, and what your role is. We’d love to see you every time we all get together, but there’s no requirement!

What does being a quilt group leader mean?

This means that you are willing to be in charge of creating at least one quilt in a group! You could form a group with friends or with people you meet at the group quilting meetings. If you are a leader, you’ll report back to the project about your group’s plans, what you need, and anything else you want to share, and we’ll provide support as you quilt together!

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